How can I join the Ambassador Program?

We are looking for Ambassadors to represent our brand with their amazing little one(s)! There are SO many influencers out there the competition makes it hard to stand out! We understand that and want to give opportunity to those that might not necessarily be a major influencer or blogger quite yet but are passionate about their babies and sharing what they wear!

If you think you have a little charmer on your hands (newborn to 24 months) and love our brand, then the Kae + Kole Ambassador Program may be a good fit for you!

• We are looking for newborns, babies, and toddlers - ages Newborn to 24 months old!
• Quality photography skills – you do not need to be a professional photographer, but we are looking for high quality photos and videos to use and share on our website and social media accounts.
• You must have an engaged PUBLIC account – if your account is private, we will NOT be able to see your photos. If you don’t want to make your account public, please ask us to follow you so we are able to see your engagement.

By becoming a Kae + Kole Ambassador you agree to the terms & conditions below:

• Ambassadors are set to a 3-month term (new terms start on the 1st of every month).
• Must have a public and active online presence on Instagram.
• Must like, comment, and share Kae + Kole posts and announcements (such as sales promotions, giveaways, contests, product launches etc.) to help grow our social media reach and engagement.
• Promotes the brand by posting 3 unique images or videos/reels per month on Instagram. These images can be your own photos of your child wearing or using our products or images we provide for special promotions.
• Genuine support and enthusiasm for the products and brand as evident in the photos and comments posted on Instagram as well as all other social media platforms.
• New Ambassadors must make their first purchase within 7 days of being accepted. Returning Ambassadors do not have any minimum purchase requirements.
• Please note that Influencer collaborations are not part of the ambassador program as those are chosen separately via influencer

• Ambassadors will receive a 25% discount on all orders during their term in exchange for social media engagement and high-quality photos/videos.
• All items must be promoted. If we find you are abusing the discount without promoting the items, your contract will be terminated.
• Ambassadors are given a unique 10% off share code to share with family, friends, and social media followers for the duration of the term.
• Share code referral sales – Ambassadors earn 10% commission off of each sale made

• Featured on all Kae + Kole social media platforms.

*If Kae + Kole is having a sale over 10% off the original price, discounts can NOT be combined. Ambassadors can be removed from the program due to this*

• We are looking for *raw and unedited* high quality photos of your baby wearing our products to feature on our social media feeds, website, and in promotional marketing. We reserve the right to edit your photos but will only edit the brightness, contrast and/or size of the image. We will never remove or add anything from your photo.
• Ambassadors are required to provide a minimum of 3 high quality styled photos for each product within 7-14 days of receiving their items.
• All photos must be unique and varied (in different shoes/accessories, positions, locations, backgrounds, close-up, far away, etc. Please think of uniqueness!
• We know that life with babies and toddlers doesn’t always go as planned! If you need more time to submit your content, please reach out and let us know!
• Upon completion, please email your professional, clean, crisp photos taken using natural light to for approval.

If you are going above and beyond what is outlined above, we will provide you with additional incentives as a thank you for all effort (higher discounts, free shipping, etc.)

If performance is phenomenal, as a future incentive, those ambassadors that are top performers, via completed purchases with their influencer code, at the end of three months will move to 100% trade for posts. Meaning, we will send you items completely FREE in exchange for posts.

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract anytime, without question, if we find you are not abiding by the terms and conditions and meeting the required deadlines.

1. Agree to Brand Rep Terms & Conditions above.
2. Follow us on Instagram @kaeandkole and like and comment on three different posts.
3. Re-post the picture below on Instagram and tag the pic with @kaeandkole (you don’t need to tag us on any of your personal photos, we will be looking at each account).

4. Fill out our Questionnaire to apply.


Do you do Collaborations?
We do! Please fill out our questionnaire above and select *Collaboration* on the form. We will review your Instagram for evaluation and determine if it meets the audience threshold for product trade.

Do you do Co-Branding (Influencer lines)?
We do! However, this is unique and goes through an extreme vetting process and must be the right fit with our brand. A minimum of 250K followers is needed amongst further requirements and specific details that must be worked out. Please fill out our questionnaire and select *Co-Branding* or you may reach out to if you fall within these guidelines to discuss further!